Send Us Music!

If you’re a Northwest band or musician and want to want your music streamed on our station, please email [email protected].

Please attach MP3s with metadata (song title, artists, genre, bio, artwork, etc.) and/or include a link to a download location for your music. If your music contains explicit language, please let us know. That’s not an issue, but it does make it easier to program your music into our scheduled.

Note: We *only* play music from Northwest artists. We’ll generally consider anything from Portland, Oregon to Vancouver, BC with an emphasis on the Seattle area.

We also accept CDs via snailmail:

SoKing Internet Radio
15106 10th Ave SW, Suite C
Burien, WA 98166

We’re all about promoting local artists at SoKing Internet Radio, and we look forward to playing your music!

NOTE: We are fully licensed through ASCAP/BMI/SESAC/SoundExchange.